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A new financial health product from CalcXML which allows financial institutions and advisors to help their clients quickly identify potential problems with respect to their finances and offer products and services to help solve those problems. Have a look.

Calculators For Consumers

Consumer-facing calculators for your web site

A "must" for any financial-related web site, our consumer-facing calculators are a series of market-tested, analytical financial calculators covering over 150 topics across 13 financial categories. Enhance any financial web site and keep your web visitors engaged and coming back by providing them the tools they need to help them make important financial decisions. Our calculators also conform to WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines.

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Calculators For Advisors

Back office calculators for financial professionals

Our advisor calculators are a series of analytical financial calculators composed of over 40 one-page reports designed to quickly answer financial questions posed by clients and prospects. PDF output allows financial advisors to easily share calculator results with clients via email or print.

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Custom Calculators

Built to your specifications

Can't find a financial calculator that fits your needs? No problem. Over the years we have built numerous calculators to meet specific client needs. With our in-house financial experts we can readily understand your objectives and build to suit.

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Comprehensive Online Analytical and Presentation Tools

PlannerPortal is a web-based application, giving financial professionals the freedom to access their client's data and create financial reports anywhere you have internet access. A very simple user interface allows quick access to client information and client reports. Data is entered once and shared across multiple financial planning modules.

PlannerPortal gives financial professionals the ability to analyze diverse, complex financial concepts and clearly communicate alternatives and solutions. It provides hundreds of sales pages, covering a myriad of financial topics.

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FIST® Score

FInancial STability (FIST®) Tools

FIST® is a set of tools which allow financial institutions to help leads and clients gain quick insight into their current financial situation. The main areas of financial risk that often impact families can be summarized by the four L's:

  • Longevity - Living too long
  • Life - Dying too soon
  • Liquidity - Losing a job
  • Loans - Borrowing too much

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Financial Articles

Free Educational Financial Articles

CalcXML offers free financial articles that may be placed on your web site or on a blog. The financial articles are educational in nature and cover a variety of topics.

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