Small company pricing for our Consumer Calculators starts at $1,145 annual (or only $100/mo via recurring cc payments) per Category, each Category containing 8 to 15 calculators. Other pricing options are available, including multi-category discounts. Discounts are also available if you are looking for calculators for education and/or government domains (.edu, .gov, .mil). Please call for complete pricing details.

Independent realtors, brokers, mortgage lenders or financial advisors can implement our FREE calculators which are hosted by CalcXML. These ad-driven calculators can be used free of charge on your web site. The complete listing can be found here. Simply drop the hyperlinks on your web site for whichever calculators you would like to use. Another free option is the small-footprint "teaser" calcs. Simply copy and paste the html "embed" code for the desired calculator(s) into your web site. The code can be found here.

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We typically license calculator tools to medium and large financial institutions. They are advertisement-free and branded to match the look-and-feel of the company web site and many times hosted by the companies themselves.

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